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2 Ways to Factory Reset iPhone In One Minute

How to Factory Reset an iPhone

We’ve all had those moments when either we are upgrading our
phones to the latest model, or giving it to someone else where we need to clear
it out of everything that is in it, placing it back to what it once was.
Sometimes you may need to do it because there are issues with the phone that
only a reset can fix. That is what is known as a factory reset.  There are a few ways in order to take care of
this and here we will go into the detailed process of doing so.  It’s not really complicated and anyone can do
The Easiest Way is to Use iCloud

1.    Backup your
information.  If you have things that are
important such as phone numbers, emails, notes, contacts, photos, etc, make
sure they are backed up, otherwise, once you do the reset you will have lost them
to the abyss together.
2.    On your phone go
to the settings menu, hit general, and then tap the reset button. 
3.    Now for the
actual reset, the scariest step. Select Erase All Content and Settings, then in
the new pop-up hit Erase iPhone.
4.    Then you wait…
because it could take a few minutes at least..or more.  Recommended to have the phone fully charged
or plugged in.
5.    After that is
all complete look to see if it has been completed and if it has, you will get
the setup on the front.
6.    After that is
done and you are on the setup screen you can know return it or you can give it
to someone without worry that personal information on it.
Resetting it Using iTunes
1.    There is always
another way. Start with the first step of backing everything up.
2.    You will then
need to turn off find my iPhone.
3.    Plug your phone
up, go to the summary screen in iTunes and click restore iPhone, then restore
in the pop-up window, then agree (if necessary).
4.    Now, wait…
5.    Just like through
iCloud, once it’s completed you can set it up for yourself or give it
away/return it.


These are the two ways to set the phone back to factory
finish so to speak and is ideal if returning or giving it way (or if there are
issues that aren’t being solved by any other method. There are other ways to
reset other settings without resetting everything such as resetting the network
settings, which will allow you to clear out all internet and server connections
because maybe they aren’t working. But you could also do reset all settings
which will delete manual data and settings but will keep all the pertinent
things such as photos, apps, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the different ways
to reset the iPhone, take it to a professional (or a friend) and have them do
it for you.  Either way, good luck with
the reset.
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