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How To Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 505 (RM-923)


Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 505


Nokia Lumia 505 Specification

Display                                          3.70-inch

Processor                                      800MHZ

Front Camera                              No

Resolution                                    480×800 pixels

RAM                                              256MB

OS                                                  Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8

Storage                                          4GB

Rear Camera                                8-Megapixel

Battery capacity                           1300mAh

How To Soft Reset Nokia Lumia 505 by hardware buttons

If Nokia Lumia 505 not responding when you press the buttons, you can still restart it with Soft reset.
  1. Take out the battery.
  2. Wait a few seconds put the battery in and Press POWER key to switch your phone on.

How To Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 505 by hardware buttons 

  1. Make sure the battery fully charged
  2. Backup all your important data
  3. Power Off Your Nokia Lumia 505
  4. Press And Hold Camera button + Volume Down + Power button

  5. Release Power key when your phone vibrates.
  6. Wait 1 or 2 minutes when phone reboots release other keys ( Volume Down and Camera key)

  7. That is all ! 

How To Factory Reset Nokia Lumia 505 using menu

  1. Turn on Nokia Lumia 505
  2. Make sure Nokia Lumia 505 battery is full. 
  3. Go to menu: Setting > About > Reset your Phone 
  4. Nokia Lumia 505 will do the process to Master Reset to Factory Default, wait for several minutes.

In this video tutorial you will learn ow To Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 505.

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