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How To Change / Edit / Fix / Repair Invalid IMEI Number In Unrooted Mediatek Smartphones

Can we change, edit, fix or repair invalid imei number?
Do you have network or Internet related connectivity problems?
SIM not detected by the smartphone?
In some android smartphones such problems occurred after 
flashing some rom, mod, script or software because 
nvram of the smartphone corrupted or damaged by flashing software part and
imei is stored in nvram of our android.

You can check your imei number by typing *#06# on dial pad.

If phone IMEI number erased, altered, damaged for some reasons then change/ edit/ fix/ repair invalid imei issue by editing imei number in engineer mode.

For S2/S3 and Note2/Note3 Smartphones:-.In the dialer , type- *#197328640# or *##197328640##*
ANDROID 4.4.2+ type this… *##197328640##* or try this ##197328640## or try *##197328640##
The actual code is *#197328640# (with no spaces in between)

Method :

1. Open Phone Dialer and enter *#*#3646633#*#*.
By entering this you will enter ‘Engineer Mode’ of the device.
Note : “False command in engineer mode can cause damage
2. In engineer mode go to CDS Information 
3. Click on Radio Information 
4. Select Phone 1 for Ist imei (Phone 2 for IInd imei)
5. At the top on command section type EGMR=1,7,”IMEI” after AT+
 type 15 digit valid 1st imei number within quote ” as shown 
6. Hit send command 

7.] For 2nd imei number type after AT+EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2″ (put your 15 digit 2nd imei number in place of “IMEI_2”
8. Hit send command 
9. Reboot 

This process is for mediatek device, but can work on many chinese phones as well. This process is usefull for any mtk/chinese devices imei solution.
In this tutorial you learned that how to change, edit , fix or repair Invalid Imei namber in Unrooted Mediatek Smartphones.

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