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How To Hard Reset Lenovo L8 Tablet Step by Step Tutorials

Before you decide to Hard Reset  Lenovo L8 Tablet , please test the following process to repair your tablet. First step charge your battery, backup your tablet critical data if possible and in most condition take out SIM and SD card before doing factory reset. That is unfeasible to recover your tablet data after doing a hard reset, so online backing up is always important. For all of your tablet data, a backup data should be done on an external tool, hard drive, raid system or media. With or without fuse, if your tablet lost,  broken or stolen at least your inestimable data is backed up in a safe room. If you decide  to sell your tablet and you try to wipe your private data, or if your device touched with virus you have to do a hard reset. Sometimes, you can delete the  out-of-mind password or lock pattern from your tablet as well.

How To Hard Reset or Format  Lenovo L8 Tablet by Hardware Buttons

  1. Power off the tablet 

  2. Wait at least five seconds.
  3. Press and hold the volume up button (+) and then press the Power button ( *) until the Novo Button menu in the screen.

Windows PC setting
Go windows Pc setting- General- Advanced starup-select Restart Now,
Setting charm:
– Select Power.
Press and hold the Shift key while selecting Restart.

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