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How To Format all Nokia X-Series (X1,X2,X3,X5,X6,X7)


Hard Reset and Master reset For Nokia X-Series Mobiles

 Nokia X-series All Mobile List:
Nokia X-Series: X1-00 , X1-01, X2, X2-05, X3-00, X3-02, X2-02, X5, X5-01, X6, X7, X7-00,
Attentions before the format Soft or Hard Reset
  • To complete the format Nokia X-series soft reset or hard reset code process it took some time to finish so first charge your battery to 100% full.
  • Backup your important data if possible in most cases take out SIM  and SD card . Because  your data  cant be recovered from phone if once lost during the reset process.
  • Factory Resets suggest backup from your Nokia X-series for all of your data , a backup should be done on an external device , hard drive , raid system or media.
  • Because it is not possible to rescue your data from your formatted Nokia X-series soft reset, after doing a format or hard reset, so online backup is always important.
  • So keep backup first.

How To Hard Reset All Nokia X-Series Mobiles via Code 
Enter into code: *#7370# , then enter 12345  keys( this is the default security code unless the user has changed it) and then yes.
How To Hard Reset All Nokia X-Series Mobiles via menu option
Press Menu button or enter Menu + Settings + Phone + phone management + Factory Settings + Delete data and restore + yes
The format then wipes all apps and phonebook contacts on the phone internal memory.
Press and hold *+ call +3+ power on for 8-10 sec ( X1-00, X1-01, X2, X2-02, X6, X7, etc.)
That’s all about the format, unlock, root,  All nokia X-series hard reset code device is formatted normally without any problems. In case of you find any solution with above procedure comment here. 

Watch This Tutorial:

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